Do I need a passport??

For all travel outside of United States you do need to carry a passport. Some countries also require the passport to be valid minimum of six months after arrival to the destination. Always check the entry requirements before departure. Please note, passport is now required when travelling to Canada and the Caribbean.

Do I need a visa?

For American citizens entry to European Union countries is allowed with passport only for visits up to three months. Visa is required among others for travel to most Eastern European countries � not yet in EU � for example: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Also visa is required for travel to most African, South American and Asian countries as well as for Australia. Visa processing time and requirements vary greatly between countries. When booking through Scandia World Travel, proper documents are provided as needed for visa applications. We also a have a visa service available for your convenience. Acquiring the information for the requirements and documentation for the passengers nationality and destination is the responsibility of the traveler. Always check the entry requirements well before departure.

Can I use my cell phone on my trip?

Check with your carrier. Most GSM triband cell phones work all around the world. You will be charged higher roaming charges depending on the destination. But, it sure is convenient. Cell phone usage is forbidden on most flights.

Do I get quoted the least expensive fare?

Yes, lowest fare possible is automatically quoted for the cities and dates requested.

Is the agency restricted to certain airlines?

No, we are a full service travel agency with access to all IATA credited airlines. We also have ability to book some smaller non-IATA credited airlines around the world.

What flight document is required to travel?

You should have received your eticket receipt via email along with itinerary/invoice. These are the only documents you will receive. You must show this printout to obtain boarding passes at check-in. Retain this receipt. If you don't have e-mail access we will mail you a copy, just mention this to us. Please check that you have actual eticket receipt. This document confirms that ticket has been issued.

We are a boutique travel agency and have been creating trips for embassies, corporation, individuals and families since the 80's. We have travelled to most continents and have trustworthy contacts to our destinations.

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